Friday, October 26, 2007

Fenty Names DCPS Ombudsman 

At a salary of $135,000 per year, Tonya Vidal Kinlow was named Ombudsman for D.C. public schools yesterday by Mayor Fenty. The Mayor says that the hiring of Ms. Kinlow completes his education team but in an earlier web version of this story on the Washington Post site it was reported that she will be hiring others to assist her in her work. Hell, we could easily be at $2.5 million in new incremental salaries to fix the traditional public schools. Instead of calling this a take over of DCPS perhaps we should instead classify the Mayor's plan as a take over of District resident paychecks.

And let's get back to the accountability thing. The basis of giving Mr. Fenty's control of the schools was to have one person responsible for educational outcomes. What a farce this has become. If I were a parent with a child in DCPS (which would never happen) and had a problem would I turn to Mr. Fenty, Miss Rhee, Mrs. Gist, Ms. Kinlow, Mr. Reinoso, the school board, or the entire D.C. Council? I guess I would go to them all.

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