Tuesday, October 09, 2007

You Have Read It Here Before 

Three items from the press that knowledgeable VIT readers have seen on these pages:

1. Theola Labbe of the Washington Post updates us on the possible closure of Hope Academy PCS. Her sentence "The rapid reversal of the board's position highlights its unique dual role as supporter and enforcer and a new political reality with Mayor Adrian M. Fenty (D) in charge of city schools" is straight from my comments, except that I like the word "promoter" better than "supporter" because it more accurately describes the charter board's mission.

2. Dion Haynes and Aruna Jain of the Washington Post over the weekend had a piece tracking what happened to the students of the Cardoza High School class of 2005. If you have been active in D.C. public school then really there is no new material here. I do recommend that everyone get a first row seat at the educational disaster that is DCPS by volunteering to tutor a student. I did it for four years.

3. Harry Jaffe over at the Washington Examiner comments on the upcoming decision by Mayor Fenty on what to do about meters in D.C. cabs. Very funny and yet sad.

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