Thursday, October 04, 2007

More, More, More 

Some traditions are nice. Others can make your stomach turn. Today, we receive news that government is again doing what it does best - giving more money to a program that is failing.

Mayor Fenty announced that DCPS will be receiving a gift of $81 million in excess revenue the city found recently. And what will the Chancellor do with this stash? She will cut 200 employees in the central office. Excuse me, but if we are reducing staff doesn't that constitute a savings?

I guess our new Mayor doesn't know or forgot that there is another school system in the nation's capital and this one is actually working. Just think what charter schools could do with a cool 81 million. How many buildings could we buy?

I'm even willing to share. With about $20 million we could buy the building our school is in. That would save having to do the whole revenue bond thing.

On the facility front it looks like the Doar School will close this week on a $1.6 million dollar loan which will allow us to take another 20,000 square feet over at 705 Edgewood Street N.E. Working out the loan has taken two years of my life. Michelle Rhee has invested about four months to get 50 times that amount.

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