Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Another Review Of Hopper Show 

This one by contemporary art blogger Jeffry Cudlin is fascinating to me. From the review:

What Hopper's work is mostly about is a distinctly modern conception of pictorial space. He offered views of a world broken down and processed into orderly architectonic relationships-plane against plane, shadow against light. He depicted middle- or lower-class people struggling to relate to the newly constructed urban environment. He also showed how movies and still photography were changing the way people saw-and painted-the world. Whether Hopper thought these new spaces were dehumanizing is hard to say. He wasn't just reluctant to talk about influences; he seldom revealed emotion, be it his subjects' or his own. The supposed alienation of Hopper's figures is often simple ambiguity-even disinterest.
According to Mr. Cudlin the scenes Mr. Hopper painted are simply exercises allowing him to perfect his depiction of light, an assertion that the artist made himself.

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