Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tim Russert's Wake 

Late yesterday afternoon Michele and I attended Tim Russert's wake at the St. Albans Church. After we walked by the television cameras we stood in line with a steady stream of visitors. In only a few minutes we were allowed into the room where his coffin was sitting and at the end of the line we saw Mr. Russert's son talking to each and every person in attendance. He looked so young and so composed. He also looks a lot like his father. Michele and I had no idea how he was able to do this so calmly.

Just as we approached to shake his hand we were asked to let journalist Tom Brokaw step in in front of us. Smiling, he hugged Luke and talked to him for about a minute. I couldn't make out what he was saying except for Mr. Brokaw commenting that something "had been worked out and it was all going to be O.K." Mr. Brokaw moved on and I noticed him trying very hard not to cry.

I then shook Luke's hand and told him how glad I was to meet him. He thanked me for coming and as Michele and I were leaving the room I noticed that Mr. Brokaw was standing right in front of me. I told him that the Meet the Press show he did on Sunday was perfect and he said that he appreciated my remark and that a bunch of the people involved in the broadcast had joked when it was over about what aspects of it Tim would have said could have been done better.

On the way out visitors could write a message in a guest book. Michele wrote a really nice note about how much Mr. Russert had taught us and about what a great example his close family was to others.

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