Sunday, June 15, 2008

Maybe Marc Fisher Is Really Eleanor Holmes Norton? 

In one of the silliest pieces I have seen on the subject Washington Post Columnist Marc Fisher again shows his hatred of school vouchers. In logic that can only seem sane to an insane person he seems to be saying that charter schools are alright for our city although he is worried about the strength of the catholic schools now that they will not be able to teach religion.

But the real emphasis of the garbage he has written is his point that the conversion of catholic schools to charters shows that there is no need for D.C.'s voucher program, which Mr. Fisher believes is simply the state supporting religious institutions. Well who does he think is getting the money once the catholic schools convert? The City Consortium, which is the non-profit that will run the new charter schools, will pay rent to the church for the use of the buildings. That's 2,000 kids times a facility allotment of $3,100 per student which comes to over $6.2 million dollars.

If Mr. Fisher could think logically he would argue that these schools had to stay as religious institutions and accept the voucher of $7,500 so that they would have to continue to teach these kids at a loss.

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