Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Where Are The School Choice Heros? 

Kaleem Caire long ago left BAEO and then that organization was never heard from again. Clint Bolick moved on from the Institute for Justice and the Alliance for School Choice to work on local issues in Arizona. Casey Lartigue started his own private business. Sally Sachar is gone from the Washington Scholarship Fund. In fact, I bet that of the small group of us that met at the Institute for Justice conference room on a cold February evening when the D.C. voucher bill passed four years ago I am the only one still involved in promoting school choice.

The Opportunity Scholarship Program is about to be up for re-authorization and I'm wondering who is around to take up the fight. Is there anyone out there who today views the establishment of a marketplace in education as the last remaining civil rights issue facing America? Where are those who are indignant that the promise of Brown vs. The Board of Education has never been reached? Hello?

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