Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hell Has Frozen Over 

In a Washington Post editorial yesterday former D.C. Mayor and current Councilman Marion Barry announced his backing of D.C.'s private school voucher program:

I support this package because it provides much-needed financial support to all D.C. schools and because it offers parents a choice without hurting public schools. That's a win-win situation. We must make sure that children in the District are given every chance to attend schools that work for them. To do anything else is wrong.
Of course, everything he says in the statement above is correct but liberals almost always ignore these facts and repeat the mantra that vouchers "destroy the public school system." In fact, just the opposite is true.

Quite a turnaround for someone I observed only a few years ago say that he was "against vouchers but for charter schools."

Now can Eleanor Holmes Norton be far behind?

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