Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Washington Post Continues Its Support of Vouchers 

The editors of the Washington Post argue strongly today for Congress to continue the private school voucher program that began in Washington D.C. in 2004. They chose to write on this subject because Mayor Fenty is due to testify before a House Appropriations Committee tomorrow and the topic of the program is sure to come up. President Bush's recent budget includes $18 million for private school choice, part of a $74 million allocation for District schools which also includes money for DCPS and charters. In other words the President is continuing the "Three Sector Approach" that allowed the voucher bill to be passed in the first place and which was promoted so well by my friend Kaleem Caire.

The Washington Post has been solidly behind private school vouchers since I met with Colbert King to ask for his support for the idea in 1998. The newspaper's support was recognized by Clint Bolick in his book Voucher Wars. Writing about a Post editorial that did not back Milwaukee's voucher plan in 1992 the author comments that "only a few years later, the Post abandoned its reticence and became one of the nation's most consistent and influential backers of school choice experiments" (58).

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