Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Rhee Chose The Wrong Option 

In a Washington Post story today by Theola Labbe, oh wait, I'm mistaken, the story is by Bill Turgue. Apparently the fine reporter who has been doing a wonderful job following the escapades of DCPS for a couple of years is no longer allowed to write education stories. She will be greatly missed.

Anyway, Mr. Turgue repeats the options that are available to Ms. Rhee under NCLB as to what to do with schools that fail to meet AYP for five years. One of those choices was to turn them into charters. This is the course she should have picked.

Now she plans to hire charter school operators to fix the mess that is D.C.'s high schools. But these organizations will be operating out of their nature. They are used to making up their own rules and hiring who they want. But in this case these companies will not have this freedom.

When people or systems that have succeeded in the past are coerced into doing things outside their nature then we should not be surprised when they fail.

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