Monday, June 09, 2008

The Tide Is Turning 

The pressure on D.C.'s school choice movement is growing tougher by the day. Today, the Washington Post has a front page story regarding the charter movement in New Orleans and then three other pieces. Next, Valerie Strauss and Bill Turque write about the attempts by Eleanor Holmes Norton to end the voucher program. Jay Mathews also has a story about the closing of Tri-Community but somehow does not mention that WEDJ is taking the school over. The focus of his story is that even with the end of Tri-Community there are other bad charter that should be closed.

Finally, the editors of the Post come out strongly against the recently introduced D.C. Council legislation regulating charters.

The new political atmosphere in which charters operate is now clearly established. These schools meet AYP or they are to be closed.

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