Saturday, November 03, 2007

Amazing Statement By School Chancellor 

Let's take a few seconds and reflect upon Michelle Rhee's statement yesterday before the D.C. Council, which was part of a hearing on the legislation she says she needs so that she can fire low performing employees at DCPS Headquarters:

"We are allowing the race, socioeconomic status and Zip code in which a child is born to dictate his or her academic achievement levels and, therefore, their life chances and life outcomes. That is the greatest social injustice imaginable," she said. "I think that with this legislation, we can take the first steps to changing these outcomes."
Wow, getting rid of some bureaucrats will translate into higher academic outcomes. She is going to have to fill in the blanks for me on that one. Its almost like saying that school choice will result in competition for students which will motivate all learning institutions to improve. Actually, I like the second one much better.

I'm sure we could all come up with a number of "first steps" to fix the schools that would not involve the central office.

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