Thursday, June 28, 2007

Reinoso Should Not Be Confirmed 

Ever since Victor Reinoso "accepted responsibility" for plagiarizing Mayor Fenty's school takeover plan from a district in North Carolina I called for him to resign. It is not a great example to have someone over D.C. schools who doesn't really know how to properly credit sources of information.

New support for dumping Mr. Reinoso comes in a fascinating story in today's Washington Post by Nikita Stewart. Apparently during his confirmation hearing before the D.C. Council the acting Deputy Mayor of Education would not reveal who actually wrong the plan. Now that's leadership if I have ever seen it. Council members were understandably frustrated.

A great part of the article is Councilman Barry ordering Mr. Reinoso to put more blacks on his staff:

Reinoso struggled to offer specifics on the race and gender of his staff and said he does not count his employees that way.

"You better start counting. The voters count," Barry said.
What a great city.

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