Saturday, June 23, 2007

That's A Relief 

The editors of the Washington Post started writing columns strongly supporting private schools vouchers right after Darcey Olsen and I met with Colbert King in 1999 to discuss bringing such a program to the nation's capital. Once I learned that Mr. King had retired as Deputy Editorial Page Editor I worried that the Post's position on this issue would change. Boy, was I proved wrong. From today's newspaper:

This week's Education Department report found parents satisfied with safer and better schools. That finding echoes a recent report by Georgetown University researchers in which parents said that their children were working harder and that they themselves were getting more involved in the schools. Many of those who will be deciding this issue have never known what it's like not to have options. They might want to listen to people such as Nikia Hammond, another D.C. parent, who has four children in the program. As she told The Post, "Without the scholarship fund . . . I'd be out of luck."
They also mention that the program passed Congress by a single vote in 2003. What the editors failed to point out was that this happened only after the Republican leadership kept voting open for over an hour in the House in order to change the minds of a few Representatives. If this had not been done the measure would have failed. I agree with the Post that it does not look good that the act will be re-authorized, which of course, would be a crime.

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