Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Washington Post All Over New School Leader 

Washington Post reporters have three stories today concerning changes in leadership at DCPS. First, David Nakamura and Nikita Stewart talk about how mad the politicians are that Mayor Fenty kept his choice a secret from them. Next, Dion Haynes has some background on Michelle Rhee and her organization The New Teacher Project. Last, but not least, Theola Labbe addresses the unfinished (perhaps never really started) work of fired Superintendent Janey (he is not returning any telephone calls).

The best line of all of these stories comes from none other than former Mayor Barry who commented:

Fenty talks to "everybody except council members."
Perfect. I would ask why in the world Mr. Fenty would want to speak to those who either got public education in the nation's capital into this mess or went to work everyday not doing anything about it? These people got what they deserved, especially Mr. Barry, who should be in prison now not because of a DUI or failure to pay his taxes but because he personally harmed the future of so many by letting the schools become a worthless and dangerous heap of trash.

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