Thursday, May 31, 2007

George Will Is Not Living In The Real World 

I used to like George Will's columns when he wrote on political philosophy. But today he writes a column in which he tries to draw the line between conservatives and liberals. The problem is that what he says is not true. For example, he states,

Hence liberals' hostility to school choice programs that challenge public education's semimonopoly. Hence hostility to private accounts funded by a portion of each individual's Social Security taxes. Hence their fear of health savings accounts (individuals who buy high-deductible health insurance become eligible for tax-preferred savings accounts from which they pay their routine medical expenses --just as car owners do not buy insurance to cover oil changes). Hence liberals' advocacy of government responsibility for -- and, inevitably, rationing of -- health care, which is 16 percent of the economy and rising.
Mr. Will is a smart guy. Therefore, he must know that many conservatives do not support school vouchers, private social security accounts, and health savings accounts. And it was a conservative President who added prescription drug coverage to Medicare creating the largest new government entitlement program in decades.

His column is only accurate if you substitute the word libertarian every time you see him say conservative.

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