Thursday, May 17, 2007


For two years the District has said it would lease empty space in traditional public schools to charters and not one charter school student has walked into one of these buildings. Meanwhile as Theola Labbe (we were worried that something had happened to her because there has been a lull in stories) reports one school, SAIL, had to close its high school program due to the facility issue. Also, remember that the Hospitality School decided to become a regular public school after it was bribed with the gift of a building from Superintendent Janey.

When is someone going to get upset about the fact that the D.C. has a school choice program that parents are not going to be able to choose due to THE FACILITY ISSUE? Perhaps it would relieve the Mayor to stop talking about guns and going back to the education thing. Maybe the reason he has not focused on space and charter schools is that he cannot find a plan to copy and call his own.

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