Monday, May 21, 2007

The Future Of Janey And Private School Vouchers 

The Editors of the Washington Post call today for Mayor Fenty to state now whether DCPS Superintendent Clifford Janey will be kept on when he's school take over plan is approved by Congress. The word on the street is that he will be gone but does not seem to have fazed Mr. Janey. As Theola Labbe pointed out on Sunday, The Superintendent is behaving like he will be here forever. I agree with her. I sat in on a meeting that Mr. Janey conducted last week with charter school leaders and he appeared relaxed and focused. If I were him my concentration would be on finding a new job.

Meanwhile, Fred Hiatt wonders whether Congress will re-authorize D.C. private school voucher plan when it comes up for renewal this year or next. His column contains this staggering fact: for every one of the 1,800 slots available for students in this program 4 individuals applied.

But the Washington Post has really been ignoring this aspect of the public education landscape. For example, an internet search reveals that Sally Sachar, long-time CEO and President of the Washington Scholarship Fund, (the organization that runs the voucher program) is gone. What happened to her and what will be the impact on this extremely successful option for D.C. students?

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