Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Can We Make Bloomberg Mayor Of D.C. 

The other day, as Diane Cardwell announced in the New York Times, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg released a plan to further reduce the number of homeless
people living on the streets of N.Y
"We're going to let them know that their days on the streets must come to an end," Mr. Bloomberg said in an address to the annual conference of the National Alliance to End Homelessness. "And we'll secure and clean up the places where they've been bedding down, to make sure that they won't be occupied again."
My wife and I love Washington, D.C. In fact, we recently moved into the city. But an issue which has driven us nuts for years is the number of bums living on the streets and asking for money. The other aspect of this that has really bothered us is that not one politician is addressing this subject. We don't understand why. But maybe the mayor knows:
"To rid our society of homelessness we must first liberate ourselves from the chains of conventional wisdom, from the fetters of political correctness, from the tyranny of the advocates and their unwillingness to admit that we're ever making progress," the mayor said.
We should bring him to the nation's capital.

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