Wednesday, July 05, 2006

New Museum Of American Art One Of Top 10 

My wife and I visited the newly re-opened Museum of American Art and Portrait Gallery. I hope you are sitting down for this because I have to admit that for once the government actually did something right!

The gallery spaces are beautiful, as nice as the Whitney. You can see large windowed rooms where art is being restored. And in one of the classiest touches I have ever seen in a museum, painting which are not currently on display in the galleries can be viewed anyway in 2 floors of storage facilities which are open to the public. This was very important to me because on the 1st floor when you come in are Edward Hopper's "Cape Cod Morning" and "Ryder's House" but you need to go upstairs to see "People in the Sun."

They even have a small cafe where you can sip Champaign while looking out at the National Archives.

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