Thursday, July 12, 2007

Just Throw Money At It 

I hope you have not just eaten. Get a load of the annual salaries D.C.'s Mayor Fenty is paying to people to fix the city's schools:

Michelle Rhee, Chancellor, $275,000, 41,250 sign-on bonus, $27,500 performance bonus, total $343,750

Kaya Henderson, Deputy Chancellor, $200,000

Lisa Ruda, Rhee's Chief of Staff, $200,000

Victor Reinoso, Deputy Mayor, $175,000

Eric Lerum, Reinoso's Chief of Staff, $110,000

Tara Bridgett, Reinoso's Executive Assistant, $69,741

Julia Lara, Reinoso Special Assistant, $115,000

Mark Ouellette, Reinoso Special Assistant, $96,700

Bonnie Cain, Reinoso Special Assistant, $92,700

D'Wanna Lee, Reinoso Special Assistant, $92,700

Abigail Smith, Reinoso Special Assistant, $81,250

Jackie Pinckney-Hackett, Director Office of Parent and Community Involvement, $95,000

Amoretta Morris, Senior Policy Analyst $82,424

Claudia Lujan, Policy Analyst, $63,388

Rebecca Katz, Policy Analyst, $63,388

Total cost to D.C. taxpayers, so far, $1,881,041

Most interesting is that DCPS is proposing to spend $555 million to educate children next year not including those in special education. The charter schools are seeking another $320 million. At 877 million dollars we could provide all of D.C.'s 71,000 kids a great private education at more than $12,000 per student. A few years back the Cato Institute estimated that the average cost of a private school education in the nation's capital to be $4,500 per child. Therefore, by using vouchers we could save 555 million dollars and dramatically improve the education of our children.

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