Tuesday, July 10, 2007

D.C. Council Delays Reinoso Vote, Post Disagrees 

Nikita Stewart of the Washington Post reports today that D.C. Council Chairman Vincent Gray will not allow a vote on Victor Reinoso to be the Deputy Mayor for Education. Why should he?

Ms. Stewart mentions that Mr. Reinoso answered "I don't know" to many fundamental questions asked of him yesterday including when does Summer school end. He will not tell the Council who plagiarized Mayor Fenty's strategic plan for the take over of the school system from a North Carolina district and he has not been open with Gray regarding appointments Mayor Fenty has made to his education leadership team.

I have argued that Reinoso should not be confirmed. The editors of the Washington Post say that a delayed vote injects uncertainty into a crucial period for the Mayor's efforts.

I can certainly see why Mr. Gray is taking this step. He wants to approve the people that the Mayor has selected to run his administration but Mr. Reinoso has cast strong doubts about his ability to do the job through his actions and testimony. Given the circumstances Mr. Gray is doing the best that can.

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