Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Clock Is Ticking 

Time is quickly running out for the D.C. Board of Education as the overseer of DCPS. The D.C. Council is to take its first vote on giving Mayor Fenty control over the school today.

In anticipation of the vote the editors of the Washington Post (meaning Colbert King) have come out strongly in favor of making the change. This is surprising since Mr. King has written a series of excellent Op/Eds questioning the move, including this one last weekend in which he takes to task the mayor's deputy over education Victor Reinoso for using his role over the schools as an excuse for hiring a bunch of people and providing them with exorbitant salaries.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the D.C. Board of Education has an editorial today asking that the Fenty plan be put to a referendum. My question for him is whether his gang of incompetent thugs (sorry, representatives) have really ever provided oversight of DCPS?

Finally, Theola Labbe mentions the sad news that Hospitality High Charter School did accept Mr. Janey's bribe to give up it's independence in exchange for a building. Disappointing but not surprising. The school had tried to purchase the space where the William E. Doar, Jr. Public Charter School for the Performing Arts is located.

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