Thursday, March 29, 2007

No Congressional Vote For DC 

George Will lays out the reasons why allowing a Congressional vote by D.C.'s representative would be clearly unconstitutional. Here's a highlight from the column:

But those -- mostly Democrats -- who favor full House membership for the District cite Congress's constitutional power "to exercise exclusive legislation" over "the seat of the government." They say Congress can exercise its "exclusive legislation" power to nullify Article I, Section 2's requirement that House members be chosen by the people "of the several states." But that is preposterous: If Congress's "exclusive legislation" power concerning the District can trump one constitutional provision, it can trump any provision: Congress could establish a religion, stifle free speech or authorize unreasonable searches and seizures in Washington.
The Op/Ed goes on to tie this issue to the D.C. gun ban. For that you will have to read the whole thing.

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