Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Response #1 

Here is an answer from George Washington University regarding my question as to why charter school students are not eligible for the Joel Trachtenberg Scholarship:

Mr. Lerner,

Thank you for your inquiry regarding GW's Stephen Joel Trachtenberg Scholarships. The focus of the Trachtenberg Scholarships is on academically talented seniors from public high schools in the District. Applicants are selected for their scholastic accomplishments, community service, extracurricular activities, and leadership potential. We believe these talented individuals will thrive at The George Washington University with the financial, academic, and social support provided through this scholarship program.

The 62 GW alumni of this scholarship program are employed in a diversity of fields around the country—medicine, law, business, finance, communication, secondary and higher education, research, engineering, and the performing arts. Trachtenberg Scholars have a 90 percent graduation rate at GW; whereas less than 10 percent of D.C. students who matriculate at a university actually graduate from college, according to a recent report by the State Education Office. We are proud that our more than $13.5 million investment in the District’s youth has yielded such impressive results.

When the scholarship program began 18 years ago, D.C. Public Charter schools did not exist—certainly not in their present form. We look forward to the day when we can expand the program. We are working hard to endow the scholarships so that we can continue to offer this generous financial assistance to even more deserving District youth. However, today, we do not have the resources to serve every school in D.C.


Halimah Celestine
Media Relations Associate
The George Washington University

Of course, this response does not really answer my original question. So I asked Mr. Celestine if they could just include charter school students in their eligibility without increasing the amount of money awarded. We shall see if I get another message.

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