Monday, May 15, 2006

Joanne Jacobs and NYU Graduation 

Sorry about the absence of blogging. Last week my family attended my daughter's college graduation from New York University. The ceremony was almost too much for me to take. There were 19,000 people crammed into Washington Square Park. The graduates became a sea of purple robes seated behind the fountain which stayed on during the event. To my right was the arch and the row house that was Edward Hopper's home and studio.

I was already keyed up for the graduation. The night before we returned to our hotel room to admire our excellent view of the Empire State Building and shouted when we saw that it was lit up in purple and white in honor of the NYU ceremony.

Supreme Court Judge Anthony Kennedy was the key note speaker. (How fitting that a member of the Supreme Court spoke at my daughter's graduation.) And he talked about one of my favorite subjects - freedom. He asked the graduates to go out and increase freedom around the world. Judge Kennedy talked passionately about coming to Stuyvesant High School, which is located very close to ground zero, shortly after the attack to discuss the meaning of freedom with the students.

Because of the graduation I was out of town for the book reading by Joanne Jacobs, but I heard it went extremely well. Here is Katie Newmark's commentary on the event.

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