Saturday, June 04, 2005

The Washington Times Critical Of Janey 

Today, the editors of the Washington Times are critical of D.C.'s new school Superintendent. So am I.

Mr. Janey published an extremely weak editorial in the Washington Post recently. One of the interesting things I noticed about what he wrote was that there was no mention of private school vouchers or charter schools. As I observed during the meeting I attended with him, the Superintendent comes off as not a very strong individual. He lacks the passion that it will take to turn around the deplorable state of D.C. public schools. This fact is not lost by the Times:

Mr. Janey is quite familiar with those problems -- and others as well. Indeed, what has been brewing all school year at Jefferson Junior High on Mr. Janey's watch is a microcosm of the big picture that the superintendent claims he wants to address. Jefferson parents and faculty have been speaking with one voice, railing to DCPS about a teacher shortage, aged facilities and poor leadership since last fall. Yet, now that the school year is essentially over, the Janey administration sends its regrets -- via The Post -- about the "unsettled" school year.

I am not optimistic.

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