Monday, May 30, 2005

Corienne Schillings 

Last year I reported on the tragic death of Corienne Schillings, who was a webmaster at the Cato Institute. This weekend April Witt of the Washington Post writes an outstanding article which describes in sad detail the events leading to her loss of life and her family's reaction.

Most interesting is the intersection of medicine and emotion in the experience of Karen Schillings, Corienne's mother. The piece ties together ideas I have expressed in my writing on Ayn Rand, management, education, and the performing arts. Therefore, my next project is to tie them all together. I just need to figure out how to do this. For now, I offer a quotation from Karen Schillings:

"They kept telling me I was going to be okay," Karen later recalls. "It was almost like, Yeah, I'm going to be okay, but what does that mean? That means my body is healed, but does that mean my heart is healed spiritually and emotionally? Corienne was lost so quickly, it was just hard to comprehend. How come I'm still alive and she isn't?"
The author of this article and the physician from Johns Hopkins University Hospital who helped care for Mrs. Schillings will be answering questions about it tomorrow at 1 p.m. at

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