Thursday, May 19, 2005

Ground Zero 

Now that the planned Freedom Tower has gone back to the drawing board to address security concerns, Donald Trump has proposed that it be scrapped and that the original World Trade Center be re-built - this time 100 feet taller. Rebuilding the twin towers was what I thought should happen immediately after September 11th. As Mr. Trump points out:

"What we need is support to build a bigger and better version of two buildings and more that were taken down by people that were animals," Trump said. "If something happened to the Statue of Liberty, you wouldn't rebuild it as something other than the Statue of Liberty."

His suggestion, announced yesterday, is already being discounted by the architect of the Freedom Tower:

In a written statement sent to CNN, Libeskind said, "The site plan is not just about commercial buildings. The memorial is its crucial centerpiece. It is there for a reason. The museums are there for a reason. The performing art center is there for a reason. The public open space is there for a reason. The transportation hub is there for a reason.

"Together they reflect the rich tapestry of our national spirit. They respond to the loss of 3,000 lives on this sacred ground but also reaffirm with optimism and determination of our democratic values and the true American dream."

As many of us are aware, Donald Trump can be persuasive. I wouldn't rule his idea out.

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