Monday, May 09, 2005

V. Dion Haynes Tours The WEDJ PCS 

Last Friday, the Washington Post education reporter came on a visit to the William E. Doar, Jr. Public Charter School for the Performing Arts. Along with Dion was Casey Lartigue, Anthony King (the broker for Core Ventures, the company that is leasing us our space), and a potential new board member. Julie Doar-Sinkfield, our school's executive director, again did a magnificent job showing the place off. I learn something new from her each time we take people through.

Anyway, no matter what I said about Mr. Haynes in the past, I was wrong. I think I was trying to get him out to visit when he was brand-new at this job. He is a smart and nice individual (and no I'm not saying this so he writes something good about our school). He met me on an extremely busy day (he was working on 2 articles) and took a lot of notes on our tour. He also asked some good questions. Casey also took out a notebook and wrote down much of the information Julie was providing to the group. I have to say that I love bloggers in the serious manner in which they take their hobby. Nathan also took notes on our visit and Katie must too be brilliant in that she was able to recall verbatim most of the facts from our visit just from her head.

One goal of having Mr. Haynes come to the school is to provide him with contacts so that he can get a good picture of the educational environment in Washington, D.C. Its a complicated world out there.

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