Wednesday, May 04, 2005

4 Million A Year 

The last art post was so much fun I want to do another one. As loyal readers know last year we visited England to see the Edward Hopper Exhibit at the Tate Modern. In honor of the Tate Modern's five year anniversary, the Guardian Newspaper has an article by Deyan Sudjic on the incredible impact this museum has had, not just on the art world but on London:

For a huge new audience, contemporary art, from Tracey Emin, to Langlands and
Bell, is no longer talked about as difficult, or a confidence trick. And it's not just the legions of art-world groupies dressed in monochrome Commes des Gar´┐Żons. Tate Modern is a place that the boys from the City of London School just across the Thames come to hang out and talk to girls. It's where skateboarders congregate. It's got one of the world's biggest art book shops. It's got a restaurant with the best view in London, and a menu shaped by Jeremy King, proprietor of the Wolsey. The Turbine Hall even has a part in Ian McEwan's novel Saturday.

And, for better or worse, the Tate has pushed up land values, helping to turn Southwark's run-down hinterland into a development hot spot, sprouting apartment towers, and new office blocks. You could call it the Tate effect.

If you ever get the chance you should visit the Tate Modern. It was an old factory which has been turned into a museum with fantastic galleries and views of the city. Here is a link to a view of the place.

We will get back to politics tomorrow.

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