Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The Arc Arts Center In Southeast D.C. 

Marc Fisher of the Washington Post writes about an exciting new modern arts center that is about to open in Southeast Washington D.C. to serve the areas poorest residents. Music instruction will be provided by the Levine School, and here's what its director says about art education in the District:

"Kids in this area are being slammed by politicians with the wrong idea," cutting the arts to focus solely on test scores, says Peter Jablow, president of the Levine School. "This place is necessary in part because the public school system hasn't done what it should have."

Arts groups say the District schools regularly rebuff outside help. Levine has music programs in four D.C. charter schools, not because of any ideological bent for charters but because the public schools spurned its offers.
By the way Marc Fisher has said that he will come for a tour of the WEDJ PCS as soon as he has completed some projects he is currently working on.

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