Sunday, May 22, 2005

51 Years After Brown 

Now that we are 51 years after the Supreme Court Decision in Brown versus the Board of Education it is valuable to reflect once again on the impact of this decision. In the inner cities nothing has changed. We are still separate and unequal. And as Thomas Sowell pointed out last year, the decision had a dramatic impact on the Court:

What the Warren court presented as legal reasoning was in fact political spin. The success of that political spin, in a case where most of the country found racial segregation repellent, emboldened the Supreme Court--and other courts across the land--to use emotional rhetoric to impose other policies from the bench in a wide range of cases extending far beyond issues of race or education.
The question I find myself struggling with right now is what state the school choice movement would be in, or whether it would even exist, if Brown had not occurred.

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