Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Never Mind 

Boy did Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus change her mind regarding Sarah Palin. From her piece on August 31st:

About the woman thing: "We should all be proud," Hillary Clinton said in a statement, of this "historic nomination."

Sorry, but count me out. I found Palin's selection, and her calculated shout-out to unhappy Clinton supporters, insulting. In that sense, Palin's selection seems less like Quayle and more like Clarence Thomas for the Supreme Court. "She's exactly who I need," McCain said -- but the notion that Palin, like Thomas, is the best-qualified for the job is ludicrous.
And today:

My husband is a terrific dad, but the stark truth is that he does not feel the same homeward tug. He did a great job managing during the conventions, except for the unfortunate incident with the wrong doctor form for school, but when Julia needed to make lemon squares right away, I gave long-distance instruction from St. Paul -- on deadline, naturally.

I would not, in truth, have it any other way. Wondering about Palin's choice does not make me less of a feminist -- just a realistic one. When I got home, I took the day off to clean the kids' closets and get some meals in the freezer. Like Sarah Palin ditching the executive chef, I felt much better.
All across the county it seems people are drawn to the Vice-Presidential candidate. And she really did stop that Bridge to Nowhere.

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