Thursday, August 28, 2008

Obama Needs To Say Something 

Juan Williams, George Will, and the editors of the New York Times all insist today that Mr. Obama must end the ephemeral rhetoric and provide some specifics about what he would do as President, although George Will says that his prescriptions could be worse then all the talk:

Obama's rhetorical extravagances are inversely proportional to his details, as when he promises "nothing less than a complete transformation of our economy" in order to "end the age of oil."The diminished enthusiasm of some voters hitherto receptive to his appeals might have something to do with the seepage of reality from his rhetoric. Voters understand that neither the "transformation" nor the "end" will or should occur.
My own read on the Democratic convention so far is that it is a 9/10 event. Very little if any mention of how the world changed seven years ago and what this country must do to combat terrorism. I think Bill Clinton's speech last night was a great example of this, and although the commentators loved it I thought it was flat.

Meanwhile news is that John McCain has selected a running mate. Since I love politics so much I wish he would pick Joe Liberman. This would be historic in having one guy run for Vice-President on the tickets of both major parties. Also, it would take away the Democrats argument that Mr. McCain is just a continuation of President Bush's administration. However, it would make the right wing crazy.

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