Thursday, March 13, 2008

WEDJ Attempting To Takeover Tri-Community PCS 

As reported today by Dena Levitz of the Washington Examiner the Tri-Community Public Charter School is closing its doors at the end of the current school year. This action comes about following the D.C. Public Charter School Board moving to revoke the school's charter.

Tri-Community has a close relationship with the William E. Doar, Jr. Public Charter School for the Performing Arts. Like our school's founders, staff from Tri-Community used to work at the now closed Southeast Academy PCS. Tri-Community uses the America's Choice curriculum and WEDJ has been named a national model for America's Choice. Also, at one point Tri-Community was looking to co-locate in our building.

WEDJ has filed a charter amendment to expand onto the Tri-Community campus and to increase our enrollment to be able to take their students. The hearing on all this before the D.C. Public Charter School Board is this coming Monday evening.

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