Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Maybe Next Time It Will Be Done Right 

The entire reform effort by Michelle Rhee is a train wreck. Adding to the mess today we read that the firing of 100 employees by the Chancellor will save a total of $6 million while the system is running a $100 million deficit (which may or may not be true since there is no financial information as to exactly where DCPS is with the school year half over).

I'm starting to believe that Miss Rhee's management style is providing an opening for someone to seriously challenge Adrian Fenty for his job. People are sick and tired of the secretive way in which the Chancellor and the Mayor operate. Tensions are growing between Miss Rhee and the D.C. Council which is not good when you are trying to turn around a gigantic bureaucracy.

Miss Rhee's contention is that the poor performance of the central office has led directly to poor results in the classroom. Well then what does she think the impact of horrible morale on North Capitol Street is for the children enrolled in DCPS? As one parent states in today's story by Dion Haynes and Theola Labbe, "I'm going to put him in a charter school. I don't want to have no more parts of D.C. Public Schools."

If Regina Marr is reading this please contact me. I'd love to talk to you about WEDJ.

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