Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Be Careful When You Attack Others 

There is no sympathy for Eliot Spitzer after how, as New York's Attorney General, he destroyed the careers of people he didn't like. The work of the soon to be ex-Governor is summed up by the editors of the Wall Street Journal:

One might call it Shakespearian if there were a shred of nobleness in the story of Eliot Spitzer's fall. There is none. Governor Spitzer, who made his career by specializing in not just the prosecution, but the ruin, of other men, is himself almost certainly ruined.
Here in D.C. there is another public servant who needs to be careful who she goes after:

[Council member Harry] Thomas stressed that he voted against the measure to avoid firing people who may not have deserved to be dismissed. "Now, we've opened Pandora's box and there are repercussions," he said. "Some of these people are parents. They have families."
Nikita Stewart and Dion Haynes of the Washington Post say that Harry Thomas and Marion Barry are going to meet today to see what their response will be to the firing of 98 central office workers last Friday by DCPS Chancellor Rhee. Perhaps they should meet at the Mayflower Hotel where Mr. Spitzer shattered his future.

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