Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Title "Chancellor" Should Be Replaced With "King" 

It has become crystal clear that the citizens of the District of Columbia have become the subjects of her majesty Michelle Rhee.

Please don't ask what schools will be shuttered, that's up to the King.

If you are wondering what's in the coming DCPS budget you'll just have to wait until it is revealed to the D.C. Council. Wasting your time going before a judge to try and obtain this information is just silly.

And if you are on the D.C. Council don't bother asking how the billion dollar school system is spending the subject's money because her majesty has no idea and it is not any of your business.

Finally, for you parents who have your children in failing schools there is a plan to turn these facilities around but it is a secret that involves one to three charter school management organizations and perhaps a couple of local charters.

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