Friday, March 07, 2008

Fenty Adminstration In Bed With Washington Post 

The City Paper's Loose Lips column contains a detailed investigation into the exceedingly close relationship between the Fenty Administration and the Washington Post, specifically with reporter David Nakamura. The paper has obtained email correspondence between Mr. Nakamura and Carrie Brooks, the mayor's communication director, talking about the selection of Michelle Rhee as school chancellor a full 30 hours before the Mr. Fenty got around to informing D.C. Council Chairman Vincent Gray.

All of this is extremely interesting in light of the fact that Michelle Rhee met with the Washington Post editorial board a few months ago and singled out an education reporter for not accurately quoting her in a story. Stuff like that must make the newspaper nervous that they will lose out on relationships like the one Mr. Nakamura was able to develop with the Fenty Administration.

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