Friday, April 13, 2007

Casey At The Bat 

Long time friend and libertarian Casey Lartigue has a radio show on XM. He want to get off to a great start so he is having Walter Williams on as a guest. O.K. Mr. Williams is fine. He is one of my heroes, teaches at George Mason University, and is the person I've described as the Ayn Rand of today for the way he writes. But Casey has had him on a couple of times before.

What I thing Casey really needs on his show is a dynamic citizen who though his own hard efforts has risen to be chairman of the board of a D.C. charter school. In fact, this is the second charter school board this individual has served on so he has had a direct impact on improving public education for minority students in the nation's capital. He is also a strong school voucher supporter whose work has been recognized by Clint Bolick, the school choice king, in his book "Voucher Wars."

Casey, you know how to reach me. I'm available. Hello? Casey?

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