Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Sanction Of The Victims 

This was Ayn Rand's term for entrepreneurs who give in to people that want to control them over some sense of gilt that they must act in ways consistent with the "common good."

You can find examples of the sanction of the victim throughout Washington D.C.'s charter school movement. Leaders must submit themselves and their schools to completing mounds of paperwork and following an encyclopedia of rules in order to have the "freedom" to run their institution the way that they see fit. What ends up happening over time is that these innovative schools begin to look less and less innovative and more and more like the classrooms they were meant to replace.

Today, Theola Labbe of the Washington Post has a great example of a charter school that accepted a bribe to become part of DCPS. The bribe came in the form of that most important commodity for which charter schools thirst, a facility. In her story she informs us that the Hospitality Charter School is planning to become part of the school system in order to obtain a building. Ms. Labbe says that Hospitality will retain their board of directors and still have the ability to hire who they want and design their program. But in coming years do you think Hospitality will look more like a public school or a private school?

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