Thursday, January 04, 2007

Today Is Take Over Schools Day 

As David Nakamura and Keith Alexander report in today's Washington Post today brand-new D.C. Mayor Fenty will announce his takeover plan for the school system. A couple of things to look for:

1. Will the Mayor make it clear that the new structure applies only to DCPS and not charter schools? And if he does make this distiction how will he ensure that the quality of public education is good in institutions now attended by 25% of all school children?

2. Will his plan include increased autonomy for DCPS schools? Innovation is the one ingredient absolutely necessary for improved student outcomes.

At the Fight for Children 10 years review of D.C. charter school movement conference it was pointed out that in just 8 short years, if the current enrollment growth curve stays constant, all D.C. school-aged children will attend a charter.

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