Friday, August 18, 2006

Washington Post Editors Steal My Words 

In an editorial almost certainly written by Colbert King, The Washington Post comes down on my side regarding Superintendent Janey's call for a moratorium on new charter schools:

The call by D.C. School Superintendent Clifford B. Janey for a moratorium on new charter schools in the District is one part reasonable and one part self-serving. Taking the latter first, it's clear that charter schools have developed into a threat to the traditional school system since they were authorized by Congress 10 years ago. As Post reporter Lori Montgomery has reported, more than 17,500 students enrolled last year in charter schools. Meanwhile, enrollment in the traditional public school system has taken a nose dive, from about 80,000 students to about 58,000. The movement represents the action of parents starved for quality education who are voting on the traditional school system with their feet. If Mr. Janey's schools are unable to compete successfully with charters, whose fault is that? The proper response to fleeing families is not a moratorium but for the traditional system to start delivering on quality education.
I couldn't have said it better but I did say it exactly as they did.

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