Thursday, May 18, 2006

Lisa Raymond To Run For School Board 

Yesterday afternoon I received a call from my friend Lisa Raymond who informed me that she plans to run for the D.C. School Board to replace Tommy Wells. Lisa, who lives on Capitol Hill, would represent Wards 5 and 6 on the board. This means that she would be the school board member for the William E. Doar, Jr. Public Charter School for the Performing Arts. What a coincidence.

Lisa is a smart woman who has played a variety of roles with the Cesar Chavez Public Charter High School for Public Policy. I still remember the day about 6 years ago when I met her. I was supposed to have lunch with Irasema Salcido, then the school's principal, but when I went over to the school to meet her she was tied up. Lisa was dispatched to have lunch with me instead and so without the smallest ounce of hesitation she took me over to Ben's Chile Bowl and we ate hot dogs over the first of thousands of discussions I have had regarding public education in the nation's capital. It was Lisa who provided me with my first tutorial on the whole charter school movement.

However, in our conversation yesterday Lisa said that she did not want to be known as the "charter school candidate." She wants to support all children and their families whether they pick a traditional public school or one of the 53 charters in the city. I'm going to do what I can to help her win.

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