Tuesday, November 08, 2005

National Educational Standards 

As I learned from my friend Katie, Diane Ravitch had a second editorial published in a major newspaper in 2 days. Yesterday, in The New York Times, she pointed out the problem under No Child Left Behind of letting each state decide how they are going to measure Adequate Yearly Progress. The result, as anyone could have told President Bush, is that the states have watered down their tests so that their schools would not be labeled as failing.

Ms. Ravitch calls for objective measurement of student achievement including "national standards, national tests and a national curriculum." Her calling for a national curriculum, however, should have come in the form of full disclosure since she is on the board of Core Knowledge, which could provide such a product. I'm sure this was an oversight since in an email exchange with the author on Sunday she did recommend this curriculum for my charter school and at the same time informed me of her role with the organization.

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