Saturday, October 29, 2005

Old Washington Vs. New Washington 

Marion Barry definitely represents the Washington, D.C. of old and because of his outrageous behavior it is past time for him to go. Our city has moved on from the shenanigans reported today in the Washington Post:

-- He has not paid federal or state taxes since 1999,
-- After exposing himself and shoving a custodian at Baltimore-Washington International Airport in 2000 he was directed to pay her $35,000. Since Mr. Barry has defaulted on this court order his paycheck (from his job as D.C. Councilman) is being garnished $1,131 a month.
-- His former campaign manager from his last run for office won a court award of $3,700 that he said Mr. Barry owed him for his work. Mr. Barry has still yet to pay him $1,500.
-- Some of Mr. Barry's friends has put together a fund to help him meet living expenses.
-- He has been divorced 4 times.
-- Mr. Barry faces sentencing for the tax issue on January 14th, exactly 16 years to the day that he was videotaped smoking crack cocaine in a downtown hotel.

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