Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Bethesda Painting Awards 

Michele and I just returned from attending the first annual Bethesda Painting Awards held at the Fraser Gallery in Bethesda, Maryland. We went because we wanted to meet John Aquilino since we own one of his paintings, and because we were interested in seeing the others by him that were being exhibited.

It was a fantastic evening. We talked for a long time to Mr. Aquilino and his wife. They are both so nice. Mrs. Aquilino is a fundraiser for a school which serves autistic and severely retarded kids in Maryland that is moving to D.C. to become a charter school. Therefore, since I chair the board of a D.C. charter school, a performing arts charter school with a fantastic art instructor, we had a lot to talk about.

The East River Posted by Hello

Mr. Aquilino is a past commercial artist who moved from New York City to Maryland several years ago and then took up painting scenes in and around Manhattan. His inclusion in this show was truly amazing. 220 artists submitted works as their application to be in this exhibition. Out of this number 40 were selected to provide additional examples of their paintings and other information about their experience. Then only 8 were chosen to compete for an award. And after all of that our artist came in second and won $2,000. As you can image we were extremely happy for him. We only think that he should have come in first.

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