Thursday, March 10, 2005

School Choice Debate 

I just received this invitation from the Alliance for School Choice:

Clint Bolick, president and general counsel of the Alliance for School
Choice - the nation's leading organization committed to providing school
choice for economically disadvantaged school children - will discuss and
debate school vouchers in the District of Columbia with People for the
American Way's general counsel and legal director, Elliot Mincberg, on
March 15, from noon to 2 p.m. at the National Press Club, Lisagor Room,
525 14th St., NW, Washington, D.C.

Bolick led the litigation team that defended the constitutionality of
school choice programs across the nation, culminating in the successful
defense of the Cleveland program in the landmark U.S. Supreme Court
decision of Zelman v. Simmons-Harris. He maintains that school choice
boosts the performance and test scores of children at the bottom of the
academic ladder and offers a competitive incentive that spurs public
schools to perform better.

Mincberg has served as co-counsel in several education cases and opposes
school choice, arguing that it undermines public education, costs
taxpayers millions of dollars and lacks basic academic and fiscal
accountability. Both participants will discuss the future of school
vouchers in D.C and what it means for the national debate.

The event is sponsored by the D.C. Republican Committee, the D.C. Young
Republicans, the American Conservative Union and the Center for a Just
Society. Genevieve Wood, vice president of the Center for a Just
Society, will moderate and Christopher Barron, Ward 2 D.C. Republican
party chair, will emcee.

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