Saturday, March 05, 2005

Back On C-Span On Alan Greenspan 

The question today on C-Span's Washington Journal program this morning was "Is Alan Greenspan a political hack?" It comes from a Washington Post article by Dana Milbank and Nell Henderson in which Senate minority leader Sen. Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.) is quoted as referring to Mr. Greenspan in this way.

I called in to point out that Mr. Greenspan is definitely not a political hack, adding that he is simply advocating opinions he has believed in for years. I reminded the television audience that Mr. Greenspan was part of the small group of individuals, who jokingly called themselves "The Collective," that met in Ayn Rand's apartment on Saturday evenings to hear her read chapters from Atlas Shrugged as she completed them. At a party many years back I learned directly from Mr. Greenspan that he was with Ayn Rand the night before she died. It is no wonder,therefore, that the Federal Reserve Chairman would support ideas that she would have backed such as federal income tax cuts and social security privatization.

The Washington Post article does refer to Mr. Greenspan's connection to Ayn Rand:

Democratic strategists say Greenspan, who turns 79 on Sunday and plans to
retire in January, is newly vulnerable. "It is about time Democrats stopped
treating him like he was an untouchable," said Chris Lehane, a campaign adviser
to Democratic presidential nominees Al Gore and John F. Kerry. And Marshall
Wittmann of the Democratic Leadership Council said Greenspan has "returned to
his Ayn Rand roots" in recent times, referring to his work for a publication
affiliated with the libertarian philosopher in the 1960s.

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